Aerosleep, mattress protector - Aerosleep Original

DE AEROSLEEP ORIGINAL matrasbeschermer bestaat uit een luchtdoorlaatbare 3D-honingraatstructuur.

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matrasbeschermer Aerosleep Original-protège-matelas Aerosleep Original-mattress protector Aerosleep Original

Aerosleep, mattress protector - Aerosleep Original

Regular price €99,95
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Mattress protector Aerosleep Original, prevents sweating

Sleeping comfortably is very important. For many, it can be too hot in bed and a good night's sleep still remains a dream. Don't worry! Aerosleep controls your body temperature and prevents sweating.

By using Aerosleep, the air under your body can circulate freely. Warm air from the body is removed, fresh air from the environment is applied, allowing excess body heat to evaporate effortlessly and body temperature is better controlled.

The AEROSLEEP ORIGINAL mattress protector consists of an air-permeable 3D honeycomb structure. The sleeping comfort of people who sweat easily in bed is improved by Aerosleep.

Because Aerosleep prevents heat and moisture forming in the mattress, the growth of fungi and allergens is stopped. As a result, your mattress will stay like new for longer. With the Aerosleep mattress protector, body and mattress do not touch, which already prevents many allergic reactions. Aerosleep Original also makes skin irritations disappear.

This product is ideal for use on foam mattresses (Tempur, latex...) and waterbeds.

Protect your mattress with a fitted sheet from our collection.

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Technical specifications

Materiaal: synthetisch.

Samenstelling: luchtdoorlaatbare 3D-honingraatstructuur.

Eigenschappen: vermindert het zweten - voorkomt allergieën en astma - geen huidirritaties.

Fitting: tussen matras en hoeslaken - past op elke matras.

Onderhoud: wasbaar op 40°C.  Droogt snel.

Toepassing: ideaal op schuimmatrassen (Tempur, latex…) en waterbedden. 

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