Texeler, woolen duvet MultiKeus 400g - spring/autumn

MULTIKEUS 400G WOLLEN kan gecombineerd worden met de andere Multikeus - dekbedden.

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Texeler, woolen duvet MultiKeus 400g - spring/autumn

Regular price €129,00
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The filling of the Texeler MULTIKEUS 400G WOOL DUVET consists of 100% sheep's wool of the Texel breed. Lots of sun, sea air and sea breeze, the natural conditions on the island, make Texelwool products an unequalled natural product.

Due to the climatic conditions, the Texel sheep have the most unique crimp of wool fibres and there are many air bubbles between the wool fibres. This gives a balanced effect of insulation and ventilation.

The perspiration that is easily absorbed is evacuated during the day. Texel wool has a high lanolin content. Lanolin is known for its anti-rheumatic effect.

To manufacture the products, Texeler only uses the very best wool on the island, fine lambswool and pure new wool.

This Multikeus duvet can be combined with all other duvets from the Multikeus collection.

Protect your duvet with a sheet at choice.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Filling:100% pure new Texel wool.
Filling weight:ca. 400g/m.
Casing:100% cotton percale - flexible.
Characteristics of wool:airing - self-cleaning - retains its form - long life - durable - prevents house-dust-mite and mould.
Type:duvet for spring/autumn.
Maintenance:air the duvet to keep it fresh. 

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