The best sleep systems for physical complaints

The best sleep systems for physical complaints

20% of the Belgian population suffers from rheumatism, about 10% has osteoarthritis, 18% suffer from lower back pain and many people wake up every day with complaints of muscle pain. Yet we are convinced that with a good sleep system you can combat many physical complaints. Because your body takes a natural shape and is supported in the right places, you experience less pain during the day. It is especially important that you do not lie too hard (which can cause pressure points) and that you can sleep comfortably throughout the night. So be sure to read our tips & tricks in this blog and get plenty of advice from our employees in the store.

What if you suffer from rheumatism?

If you are a rheumatic patient, we recommend that you buy a box spring . Thanks to an extra pocket spring in the box, this sleeping system provides more comfort than a bed frame with a slatted base . Moreover, a box spring combines the best of both worlds: you sleep (usually) wonderfully softly and still enjoy sufficient support for your joints. Exactly what elke rheumatoid arthritis patient needs.

For people with a house dust mite allergy a box spring may be a less obvious choice. We recommend them for a box spring from Aupingto go. With its open spiral base it can ventilate better, making it less easy for dust mites to settle in heat and moisture. Another option is a natural sleep system. The combination of wool, cotton & horsehair ensures that there is little or no moisture in your bed, which also means that there will be much fewer dust mites! Just think of top brands such as Hästens or Somnus strong>. As an additional solution, you can also use protective covers for mattresses or pillows or our">mattress cleaning.

I have osteoarthritis, what now?

It is important for people with osteoarthritis that they lie comfortably at night in a well-ventilated bed. To make this possible, we often choose natural sleep systems made from more sensitive materials that take the shape of your body. Some examples are wool, cotton, horsehair or alpaca fur. These materials give you the feeling as if you are lying on a cloud and ventilate in a natural way.

Unlike, for example, memory foam, natural materials do not return to their original shape when you leave the bed. If you choose natural sleep, we especially recommend the brands Hästens, Kuperus, Somnus, Nill Spring, Jensen and Eco Life on. If you prefer that your mattress returns to its original shape, it is best to opt for a pressure-relieving mattress from M line, Technogelor Tempur. You can read all the differences between these brands in this blog post. Depending on your physical complaints and sleeping position, our experts in the store are happy to help you choose the right sleeping system.

First aid for back pain

If you suffer from back pain, it is important to first determine the source of the pain. Do you mainly have pain in your lower back or do you mainly have complaints about pain in your upper back? Does that pain come from a wrong (sleeping) position or do you think it might be due to stress?

Depending on the answers to the above questions, we will look at the options with you. We pay particular attention to ensure that your back is straight on the mattress. This is especially the case with M line mattresses , Tempur  and Technogel  as they support your pressure points well. Depending on the type of complaints, Auping mattresses can , Beka  or Nill Spring  also qualify. Our on-site experts are happy to let you test a number of sleep systems to see what works best for you.

The best sleeping systems for muscle pain

Muscle pain is one of the most common complaints in people of all ages. To combat physical pain, we recommend choosing a mattress with pocket springs and natural latex. The material is soft and ensures that you are comfortable. It is also not a bad idea to take a look at our pressure-relieving range. The mattresses from M line , Tempur  and Technogel  consist of memory foam and gel and increase comfort at the right pressure points.

Find a tailor-made sleep system

Of course, it is always important to test all sleep systems. Our priority is that you feel good when you sleep. Tastes and wishes differ and to ensure that you find the right match, we would like to let you test different brands from our extensive range.

We are always ready to provide appropriate advice and look at all possible options based on your physical complaints. Be sure to ask our employees for advice when putting together your sleeping system and we will check which combinations work best. Do you have any other specific questions after reading this blog? Please feel free to contactus.


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