Wat is het TA approved label van Test Aankoop ?

What is the TA approved label of Test Aankoop?

'TA Approved', what is that actually?

The 'TA Approved' label (approved by Test Aankoop) is fairly new. It is an initiative of Test Aankoop. For more than 60 years, this consumer organization has been known in Belgium as an expert in testing products and services. With TA Approved, Test Aankoop says it wants to 'look for local Belgian products with a reasonable price and good quality'. The recognition is granted after contact with the manufacturer and a conformity test in the Test Aankoop laboratory.

Test Aankoop examined our Cosmopolitan pocket spring mattress. It is made in Belgium and has a good price-quality ratio. The Beka® Cosmopolitan pocket spring mattress passed all aspects of the tests. From now on, she can proudly carry the 'TA Approved' label.

And so very recently the

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