Wat is het verschil tussen Auping, Beka, Lattoflex etc.. ?

What is the difference between Auping, Beka, Lattoflex etc.?

What comfort can you expect from these mattresses...

As a bed specialist, we are often confronted with the following question during the first introductory meeting: "We want the best bed" ... or "we are looking for the best mattress".

Of course it's not that simple. Our professional team tries to help elke customer individually by asking some specific questions during the visit. As a result, a large part of the collection is ultimately retained and only a few mattresses ultimately have to be compared in terms of 'pleasant' feel and of course comfort. There is nothing as personal as the comfort requirements of a mattress. And we are not talking about a hard or soft mattress, but rather the right product is of priority. These options include: latex ,memory foam, geltex , combi comfort mattress , cold foam etc.


What distinction is there between the brands?


The fact that the ventilation of the bed is a key factor here means that this bed is suitable for anyone who wants perfection in terms of the best ventilated bed. The more technical aspects are also virtually perfect with every Auping bed. As an example: an electrically adjustable Auping bed has powerful, high-quality motors as standard and are therefore definitely of top quality.



The inventor of the pressure-relieving mattress is still number one when it comes to the 'perfect' pressure-relieving mattress with an additional 15-year warranty! There are now 101 different types of memory foam from as many manufacturers, but only one dares to give such a long warranty period to all its customers.

Pressure-relieving slaapcomfort is a necessity for anyone with back problems. The spring mattresses. For decades you can rely on the 3 cats from Beka. Always in progress with different comfort levels and of course different price categories.


For decades a trendsetter in the perfect bed base. A geltex inside collection is also part of this of and that can delight many people.

Your old mattress needs to be replaced?

The brief explanation of some brands above is only a limited part of our collection. If you are looking for a better bed, we recommend that you visit our shop which is 1800 m² in size. The largest bed specialty store with all brands under one roof.

To give you an idea of ​​all the possibilities, we have developed this extensive website. You might be interested in taking a virtual walk through our showrooms...

Have a good night's sleep, let it no longer be a dream!
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