Zalig slapen dat is de essentie.

Enjoy a good night's sleep, that is the essence.

Sleeping: we all do it.

Have a wonderful night's sleep: don't let it be a dream anymore...

Some prefer a hard bed while others want the opposite. Some people do it with 6 hours a night, but there are also people who need 9 hours of sleep to wake up rested. The sleep need is therefore very dependent on the person. Age also has a strong influence on these sleeping habits. Today the average is around 7.5 hours, which means that we sleep about 1 to 2 hours less than about 50 years ago.

But the essence is to sleep in an optimal bed. That is why it is an absolute necessity to obtain independent advice when purchasing a bed. Because nowadays there are various sleeping systems, each with its own specialization and therefore certainly offering different levels of comfort.

For example in situations such as Auping, Tempur, Beka and Lattoflex

In "the world between good night and good morning" they can help you a whole step further with professional advice! Welcome.

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