An innovative mattress topper selected by BOIC

Mattress protector and mattress topper in one

The relationship between sleep and our well-being during the day is well known. The textile group BekaertDeslee has extensive experience in solving sleep problems and has used that know-how to work on a new mattress topper over the past 2 years. This new product - called Bounce Air Pad - was recently launched.

The result is particularly innovative. The unique composition provides a double positive effect. The first advantage is the pressure-relieving property that will evenly distribute the pressure points and there is also greatly improved thermoregulation. And that is precisely why the mattress topper increases slaapcomfort . It optimizes sleeping conditions so that the body uses less energy and can therefore rest better.

In concrete terms, it works as follows: when someone lies down on the mattress topper, the airy but flexible structure ensures pleasant pressure relief and improves the ergonomics of the body. In addition, there is a perfect ventilation effect. While sleeping, the body releases heat and moisture. Thanks to the ventilating effect, heat is dissipated faster and moisture evaporates faster. This thermoregulatory effect complements what the body already does, and helps ensure that sleep is less interrupted because people get too hot.

The BOIC and Sport Vlaanderen selected the Bounce Air Pad for the Belgian team that went to Rio.

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