Looking for a pressure-relieving mattress? Discover the difference between Technogel, Tempur and Mline

When it comes to a good night's sleep, every person has different needs. Some people like to sleep on a hard mattress, others like a mattress that conforms to their body shape. Today, however, there is such an extensive range of mattresses that you can sometimes no longer see the trees for the forest. That is why we are happy to help you. Are you looking for a pressure-relieving mattress that supports all pain points and therefore relieves your muscles and does not hinder blood circulation? Then we recommend a Tempur, Technogel or Mline mattress! In this blog we would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 brands.


Unlike Tempur and Mline, there are Technogel mattresses - such as as the name suggests - from a top layer of gel instead of the well-known memory foam. The gel molds to your body in such a way that you experience less pressure when you lie down. Every Technogel mattress has the same properties: pressure relief with specific support for the shoulder and hip zone.

The biggest advantage of using gel is that your mattress feels much cooler. Please note: It does not cool down your body temperature! Your body temperature remains constant, making it easier for you to enter the deep sleep phase. If your mattress starts to feel a bit too cold during the winter months, you can use the 4-season cover. This goes on top of the summer cover and provides a soft and warm protective layer so that you experience the coolness less.

Thanks to its 3D structure with coating, you can easily sleep for 15 years on a Technogel mattress. Depending on the type of mattress you choose, you have more than 10 years of warranty. Talk about a sustainable investment!


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