Why is your bed base so important?

In order to enjoy your well-deserved night's rest, it is essential to choose the right sleeping system, one that is fully adapted to what your body needs.

Many people only think of a mattress, but they forget the importance of a bed base.

A bed base and a mattress that are tuned to each other ensure that:

  • your mattress remains in mint condition for a longer period
  • your body is supported in the right way
  • your back, neck and sleep complaints decrease.

In this article we will explain to you which bed bases are possible, which bed bases make part of our range and which characteristics they have.

A mesh base: wear-resistant and sturdy

A mesh base consists of braided steel, giving the bed base a fine open strucure. This makes it ventilate extra well.  With thousands of support points, the transverse spiral in the mesh base offers perfect support for the mattress and your body.

There are a number of brands that offer a mesh base, but the most important on the market is Auping.

You will never have to replace the Auping bed base. Other characteristics and/or benefits:

  • these bed bases fit into any bed frame
  • recommended to combine with a pocket spring mattress
  • available in a flat, electrically and manually version
  • specific shoulder zone can be incorporated into some spirals
  • the comfort is usually firm.

With us you will find mesh bases from Auping, extremely solid and wear-resistant!

A slatted bed base: the classic choice

Slatted bed bases are still the standard choice of people. Why? Very simple…everyone knows a “lattoflex” from the past! The comfort is a result of the quality of the slats and of the way they are constructed.

Every solid brand presents a slatted base in its range with specific characteristics. We would like to give some examples here:

  • Lattoflex: still the most famous brand! Slatted bases with wooden slats or with slats from fiberglass. The latter is the very best quality. Those bases have flexible support points and they have an extremely long life. Both flat and adjustable and can be combined with both pocket springs mattresses and mattresses in memory foam. Can be placed in any bed frame, except in Auping beds.
  • Dorsoo: slatted bases founded on a pump system. These slats are very flexible, especially upwards and downwards. Systems with a long life, but they usually cannot be put in an existing neither a new bed frame. Can be combined with both pocket springs mattresses and foam mattresses.
  • Beka: Wooden slats that are close together, including soft shoulder zone as well as a reinforced hip zone. Can be combined with any mattress and be put in any bed frame. Both flat and adjustable.
  • Ergosleep: slatted bases of which you can adjust the slat holders to soft or to firm. Can be combined with any mattress. Solid quality.

In our range you can find slatted bases from both Beka and Lattoflex.

A bed base with wing elements: durable support

Lattoflex also has 'a bed base with wing elements'. In our opinion, these bed bases, made from slats in fiberglass, are the very best bed bases on the market: they have an extremely long life and they are of a superior quality.

The slats are provided with separate “wings”, which are mounted over the entire length of the bed base. These wings guarantee three-dimensional support, in width, length and depth.

The wings work independently and take perfectly the contours of your body. And that is necessary, necessary for people who need extra support for their body. Some other characteristics of these bed bases:

  • can be combined with mattresses in memory foam or with latex mattresses.
  • Both flat and adjustable. The electric mechanism, together with the one of Auping, is the absolute top on the market.
  • Can be placed in any existing or new bed frame.

You can find these bed bases in our showroom as well as on our website.

View our range of Lattoflex bed bases.

A bed base with dishes: little brother of the bed base with wings

The function is comparable to the bed base with wing elements of Lattoflex. All of the dishes work separately, so they can also provide optimal support for your body and mattress. The Tempur bed bases with dishes are divided into specific zones (shoulder, lumbar and foot). Some characteristics of these bed bases:

  • can be combined with mattresses without pocket springs.
  • Very durable systems, both flat and electrical.
  • Can be combined in any new or existing bed frame OR can be placed on legs.

Look at our bed bases from Tempur.

There are many options, but not everything can be combined. That is why it is so important to test out mattresses in combination with the right bed base(s) before making a choice. Our professional team will advise and assist you.

If you have a question, contact us.


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