Brinkhaus, duvet Carat - warm

DEKBED CARAT bestaat in 3 versies die afzonderlijk verkrijgbaar zijn.

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donsdeken carat, Brinkhaus

Brinkhaus, duvet Carat - warm

Regular price €569,00
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Brinkhaus duvet Carat, for a warm and dry feeling

Brinkhaus products are developed according to customer needs and wishes.

The company uses the best down for its down-filled duvets. For years, down has been the perfect filling for duvets. With its numerous tiny air pockets between the individual hairs, down provides optimal thermal insulation and wicks away moisture from the ambient air, keeping your body dry and warm at all times.

For filling the Carat duvet uses Brinkhaus Masurian goose down. This first-class goose down is comfortable and light. One can move and turn freely without disturbing the peace and quiet under a goose down duvet.

The duvet Carat is available in 3 versions - a warm, medium and light version, which can be bought separately. You can also combine the separate parts, thanks to the unique buttonhole system.

An example, you can possibly start with a duvet you need now and later, if needed, combine with another heat class.  

The section below details THE DEKBED CARAT WARM .

Complete your bedroom with beautiful bed linen from our collection.

When caring for your duvet, you should consider the following points:

  • always use a duvet cover to protect the cover of your duvet from perspiration, soiling and abrasion
  • when making the bed, shake up your down duvet so that air circulation refreshes the down filling and puts it in place
  • Air the duvet regularly in the open air, not in full sun, to refresh - very important! 
  • Never sit or sleep, regularly or for long periods, on your duvet. The filling will clump together and shorten the life of the duvet
  • only if necessary, you can wash your duvet (single) in the washing machine. Rinse carefully and make sure the duvet dries well. You can use a tumble dryer, but only at low temperatures!

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Technical specifications

Vulling: nieuwe wit ganzendons uit Mazurië, 100% dons,  kwaliteitsklasse I, geproduceerd volgens DIN EN 12934.

Vulgewicht: 140x200: 600g, 140x220: 670g, 160x220*: 780g, 200x200*: 900g, 200x220*: 990g, 240x220: 1175g, 260x220: 1290g, 260x240*: 1430g.

Tijk: ultrafijn batist, 100% Mako-katoen, Nomite® gecertificeerd - behandeld met argan olie - witte satijnen bies+knoopsgaten - cassette, basis 4x6, ca. 220 g/m².

Klasse: warmteklasse 1.

Onderhoud: wasbaar op 60°C: volg steeds de wasinstructies.

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