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Nill Spring, pocket spring mattress-1 person - Avignon

DE MATRAS AVIGNON heeft 6-slags pocketveren. Zij zorgen voor een goede ventilatie in de matras.

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Matras Avignon, Nill Spring

Nill Spring, pocket spring mattress-1 person - Avignon

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Detail matras Avignon

Pocket spring mattress Avignon, Nill Spring guarantees a good night's sleep

After a hectic day, each of us has just one wish....sleep well. Do you know the feeling you experience when you settle down in pure luxury and comfort ? That is possible in a bed with a Nill Spring mattress. This Belgian manufacturer is passionate about high-quality sleeping comfort. Innovation and traditional customization result in an impressive collection of mattresses.

Only the best and newest materials are used in the production of the mattresses, including Belgian quality materials.

Every Nill Spring mattress is tailor-made.

THE MATTRESS AVIGNON from Nill Spring has 6-turn pocket springs. They provide good ventilation in the mattress. In addition, they support your body perfectly. And the springs are also sustainable. On top of the springs is a layer of Naturalis. This is a very elastic foam with an open structure for good ventilation. A Belgian innovative product ! On top of the Naturalis is a layer of Swiss Lavalan wool. This wool is lighter than regular wool and has a thermo-regulating effect. Finally, the mattress is protected by a Belgian wovn fabric. People who perspire a lot benefit from this mattress.

Protect your Nill Spring mattress with a mattress protector and fitted sheet at choice.

In the section below, you will find a broad description of the composition of this mattress.

For detailed information, visit our showroom and our team will be happy to assist you.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Cover:Belgian woven fabric.
Core:6-turn pocket spring - 3 cm Naturalis 35kg/m3 - Swiss Lavalan wool 300 gr/m².
Total height:20 cm.
Characteristics:internal tufting. - tailor-made possible -100% recyclable.
Comfort:Soft - Medium - Firm -X-Firm.

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