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Smell control for waterbeds

Als het water in uw waterbed gaat ruiken, heeft dit algen-, bactériën- en schimmelgroei als oorzaak.

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Smell control for waterbeds

Smell control for waterbeds

Regular price €21,20
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Slapen op water

If the water in your waterbed starts to smell, it is due to algae, bacteria and mold.

Nothing is more annoying than an unpleasant smell in your waterbed mattress.

If you have smell problems in your waterbed, please contact us. We offer you a top product. Our team will give you the necessary advice.

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Technical specifications

Good to know:technical
Contents:1x smell control (Aquashock).
Smell control:You will obtain the best result if the waterbed is first pumped out.  You can rent our electric pump.  After refilling, add the smell control. For a double waterbed, 2 doses are needed.  14 Days later, add conditioner, or even better, conditioner and maintenance product.

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