Technogel®, gel mattress-1 person - Estasi

MATRAS ESTASI heeft een 1,7 cm dikke laag Technogel® in combinatie met kwaliteitsvol schuim.

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Technogel matras Estasi

Technogel®, gel mattress-1 person - Estasi

Regular price €1.899,00
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Technogel Estasi, mattress with 3D-support

Technogel® is the name of an innovative polyurethane gel.

Technogel® is the only polyurethane gel without softening oils. It is non-toxic, virtually odourless and does not harden or soften under the influence of temperature or age. It is a resilient, biocompatible gel.

This polyurethane gel adapts like water, but offers the support of a firm material. This gel molds uniquely to the contours of your body. On a Technogel® mattress, pressure points on the body are significantly reduced. Freedom of movement is retained.

Unlike ordinary foam, Technogel® deforms in 3 directions (horizontally, vertically and diagonally). We call this 3D support.

The high thermal conductivity of this gel ensures that the heat is removed from your body. It promotes ventilation and guarantees a refreshing and relaxing feeling. Technogel® increases deep sleep up to 45% and you'll fall asleep 33% faster.

MATTRESS ESTASI from Technogel® has a 1.7 cm thick layer of Technogel® combined with high-quality foam. The mattress has several zones, with extra cushioning for shoulders and hips and targeted low back support. Estasi mattresses have an additional removable warm 'winter' cover. You can take this cover off to maximize the cooling effect of Technogel®. 

Protect your Technogel® mattress with a mattress protector and fitted sheet from our range.

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P.S. The prices quoted are for the mattresses with a 4-season cover.

Technical specifications

Good to know: technical
Composition:quality foam and Technogel® layer of 1.7 cm.
Characteristics:Suitable for fixed and adjustable bases. - Equipped with removable winter and summer cover.
Height:25 cm.
Comfort:soft, medium and firm.
Explanation of some terms:

SOFT COMFORT: for side sleepers or people who like a soft, cozy mattress.

MEDIUM COMFORT: for people who want the cozy comfort with a more supportive foam structure.

FIRM COMFORT: for those who need a firm sleeping comfort..

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