The advantages of an electrically adjustable bed

Read a book without staring at the ceiling. Just check your emails on your tablet. The summaries of the football matches follow. And all without falling asleep halfway through!

An electrically adjustable bed has many advantages, from ease of use to slaapcomfort ! Let us take a look at the main ones.


Good for your body

First of all, everyone has a unique body. One person likes to lie flat on a hard mattress. The other person shouldn't know anything about that.

An electrically adjustable bed makes it easy to adjust your bed to your personal needs. This is certainly useful for the elderly or for people who suffer from back pain or other physical complaints. They adjust the bed so that they can easily get in and out of the bed. But there are other reasons:

  • You can lie with your legs up to prevent fluid retention
  • You can raise the foot end a few centimeters to reduce the tension on your lower back. A real painkiller for lower back pain.


Ease of use & comfort

In addition to physical benefits, an electrically adjustable bed offers another major advantage. It is extremely easy to operate and provides you with a lot of comfort.

With the push of a button you ensure that you can sit upright comfortably. Afterwards, you can just as easily get a flat mattress when you want to go to sleep. The entire operation is done wirelessly via radio frequency. Easy, right?


Types of electrically adjustable bed

The principle of adjustability is now frequently applied to the box spring. This way you combine the healthy benefits with the luxury of this bed type. You can choose between the versions that can be completely adjusted in one go, or the versions for two people that consist of the same number of electrical boxes of which the head and foot ends can be adjusted separately.

Standard adjustability for most brands is 2-motor, which means electric head and shoulder section and knee and foot section. If you are alone in bed, or do not like to have 2 separate mattresses, the bed can still be synchronized. This way the two separate boxes go up and down at the same time. A so-called pullback system is particularly useful. This ensures that the bed base slides towards the headboard when the reading area is raised. This way you stay nice and close to the bedside table, with a drink on it before going to sleep.


The only disadvantage of an electrically adjustable bed?

The only disadvantage of the electric box spring is perhaps its colossal appearance. The alternative is the spiral base. It looks slimmer & less high.

Of course, an electrically adjustable bed does require a slightly larger initial investment. But that is not a disadvantage. A good electrically adjustable bed lasts about 25 years if you take good care of it. You must take into account that you pay between €2500 and €6000 for a 2-motor sleeping system 180x200cm including mattresses, depending of course on the quality and system you want.

Even if you have not yet suffered from any ailments, there is still a good chance that you too will have to stay in bed for one or more days due to illness. And then it's better that you don't get a headache at such times from a bad posture. Besides, why would you spend more on that beautiful leather sofa in the living room than on a bed that you will spend many more hours in? A good night's sleep is important for everyone!

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