How to maintain the duvet correctly?

Down duvet is a natural filling! Always use a duvet cover to protect the cover of your down duvet against perspiration, soiling and wear.

When making your bed, shake the down-filled duvet vigorously so that the resulting air circulation refreshes the down filling. When we move and turn during our sleep, the light weight of the down filling moves with us. Shaking up your duvet ensures that the filling ends up in the right place and the shape is restored. Duvets filled w/products/brinkhaus-mandarin?_pos=1&_psq=mandarin&_ss=e&_v=1.0_ss=e&_v=1.0">natural fibers or fleece should not be shaken hard, as this could tear the fleece.


Ventilating in the open air: some advice

Air the duvet regularly in the open air to freshen it, this is an extremely important factor in the care of your down duvet. By airing in the fresh air, the down filling can release the absorbed moisture, the down filling can renew itself, so that the capacity to absorb the perspiration that we produce during our sleep is restored. Avoid airing in full sun, as this could dry out the filling too much. In strong sunlight, the down can become brittle and break, causing the insulation to lose vitality. Only air your duvet in dry weather conditions, so that the down and natural fibers can release their moisture content.

Never sit or sleep on your duvet. This causes the filling to clump together, which shortens the effective life of your duvet. If your pets are allowed on top of your duvet, this results in the same effect.

With regular airing, natural products can 'breathe', so as a rule cleaning is only necessary when the duvet is actually soiled. If the soiling is local and light, you can clean the duvet 'on the spot' with a mild washing powder. Do not use bleach. Also be careful with regular household detergents, most contain optical brighteners and bleach. These agents strip natural substances such as down of their protective lanolin layer, making the down brittle. After cleaning the stain, it should be thoroughly rinsed and dried. (For example, you can use a hairdryer on the warm setting, definitely not hot). During drying, keep your hand moving to promote warm air circulation. This prevents the filling from sticking together while drying.

If it is necessary to clean your duvet, for practical reasons we recommend a professional cleaning. However, the down-filled products can also be cleaned by washing them. Use a washing machine with a minimum capacity of 7 kg for a single duvet and larger if necessary. You may need a commercial machine for this. Use the wool wash program (max. 60° C) and a mild washing powder. Wash the duvet separately; do not mix the duvet with other items in the wash and add 2-3 tennis balls to encourage the movement of the down in the machine. Then rinse carefully and dry thoroughly. You can use the low temperature cycle of a large tumble dryer for this.

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