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Ergonomic sleeping: the differences between MLine, Technogel and Tempur

Ergonomic sleeping is important for everyone, but especially for people who suffer from ailments such as back problems, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Manufacturers MLine, Technogel and Tempur develop mattresses that are specially tailored to people for whom ergonomic sleeping is an absolute necessity. In this article we list the advantages, disadvantages and differences of these three brands for you.


Ergonomic sleeping: essential if you have complaints

Sleep complaints can occur on their own, or arise from other physical ailments, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism or general back problems.

The brands we discuss in this article specialize in mattresses that provide support and pressure relief while sleeping. Moreover, they are also comparable in price range.

Let's compare:


Sleep ergonomically with MLine

The MLine mattresses provide pressure relief, but also support while sleeping. Where MLine differs from the other two brands is that MLine mattresses provide support for various body zones: for example, shoulders or hips can receive extra support, depending on where you can best use that support.

What also makes MLine unique is the use of pocket springs: they ensure sufficient ventilation. This is not the case with Tempur, for example. Tempur mattresses consist of memory foam and are not ideal for people who get hot quickly while sleeping.

The benefits of MLine: 

  • Pressure point reduction in various body zones;
  • Thanks to the pocket spring, there is extra ventilation in some models.

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  • Technogel provides full body support.
  • Technogel is ideal if you don't like to be warm at night.
  • Technogel is said to help you sleep no less than 30% better.
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    Sleep ergonomically with Tempur

    The name Tempur probably sounds most familiar to you. These mattresses consist entirely of memory foam and do not have specific pressure point zones like MLine. These mattresses adapt completely to your body and provide full body support. Tempur mattresses come in three types:

    • Cloud: the most 'accessible' mattresses in the Tempur collection because they are very soft but still offer a lot of support.
    • Sensation: the model that finds the balance between softness and support.
    • Original: the original Tempur that completely embraces your body and provides optimal support. 

    Tempur is not recommended for people who quickly get too hot while sleeping: the memory foam provides less ventilation than, for example, the MLine collection.

    The benefits of Tempur: 

    • Fits completely to your body;
    • Provides optimal support;
    • Provides pressure relief throughout your body.



    The most important tip: let yourself be guided

    When choosing an ergonomic mattress, it is best not to make decisions overnight: elke mattress has its own specific properties and must be adapted to your wishes and preferences.

    Moreover, you should also try out a mattress before making a choice. That is why we recommend that you seek guidance before choosing a particular mattress: what is the best choice for YOU?

    When you visit us, we will work with you to find the best mattress for your situation. Can we help you with anything?

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